Winning at Sit and Go Holdem Poker Tournaments

Sit and Go Holdem Poker tournaments take a good amount of know-how to properly cultivate a good strategy. Games tend to play very tight at the beginning and extremely loose towards the end. Let's take a look at why things turn out this way.

In the early stages of Sit and Go Holden Poker tournaments, it's nearly impossible to best or bluff certain players. Everyone is desperate to get chips, so people will gamble when they shouldn't. It is also hard to best someone who doesn't know what he or she is doing to begin with. These people will often be in on most of the hands early on, and they will be among the first to be knocked out. By playing tight, you avoid slight situations early on, which will ensure your survival to the later stages of the game. The right strategy is to preserve most of your starting chips or to have doubled up by the middle stage of the tournament. That is when you'll need to have chips in order to steal and push. It's impossible to threaten someone when you're short stacked.

During the middle stages of Sit and Go Holdem Poker tournaments, there is less chance to run into strong hands since there are fewer participants and fewer hands. Most people will recognize that you haven't participated in many hands up until now, so they will give much more credit towards a big hand. It is possible to start building a stack or just maintaining a healthy one by stealing a blind here and there.

In the late stage, once there's only four or five people left, it's time to let loose and start stealing whenever you can. People are less likely to gamble or take risks because they want to get into the money, and there is much less chance that someone has a big hand. The blinds are usually so big that stealing a few times will build your chip stack very quickly. By the time your opponents realize what's going on, it's too late. You'll probably be the chip leader or at least have a very big stack, and you'll be in good shape to take first place.