The Most Famous Video Poker Games

Ever since the first video poker, it took decades of work to build a huge network of poker game variations. In 1970, the first ever video poker machine - Poker Matic, was introduced. Afterward, in the early 1980s, other video poker games came into existence. Video poker can be played for free at online casinos and accredited games sites. Check out to find out where to play and win real money. However, it's not only poker games you'll find; these days, online casinos offer everything from arcade games to slots and everything in between - all of which are just a click away by visiting the aforementioned website for a closer look.

Today, the game's enthusiasts can pick from hundreds of various game variations with each possessing multiple paytables. In addition, you can decide to play from up to 100 video poker hands at once. Modern-day twists like Spin and Multi-Strike pokers add further to the variety.

Top Types of Games Available

Below are some of the best paying and most common types of plays available both online and in land-based casinos:

  • Deuses Wild: This game has the ultimate RTP at 100.76% in it's full play version with a slightly higher variance than Jacks or Better.
  • Jacks or Better: It's the most famous type available online and in brick & mortar casinos. Has an RTP of 99.54% and low variance.
  • Pick'em Poker: This type has the simplest strategy to learn and the lowest variance. Also, it features a 99.95% RTP online.
  • Double Bonus: Only lower paying versions are present online with a higher variance than Deuces Wild. However, its full play version RTP is 100.17%.
  • Double Double Bonus: It has a high variance, gives higher payouts for four Aces and a generous 100.17% RTP.

Modern-Day Video Poker Variations

Some of the variations you have include:

  • Progressive jackpot: For certain combinations like Royal Flush, usually progressive jackpots are given. Other times, multiple online poker machines are merged together to offer a higher jackpot.
  • Multi-Strike: Also called a 'Level Up poker'. It's an exclusive variation with four hands levels. An upper hand is double the one below. To move up one level, you've to land a paying hand. Nonetheless, the rule is you have to bet an amount for all four hands.
  • Spin poker: Just like in slot machines you're dealt cards based on 5 spinning wheels instead of being dealt cards like in a normal game.
  • Multi-hand poker: This one allows you to play multiple hands (5,10,50 or 100) simultaneously. It contains a high variance since you place your bet based on all the hands you're playing. However, the decision on the outcome of each hand is separate.

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