Learning Bankroll Management For Download Poker

Bankroll management for download poker is an easy thing to learn, but can be difficult to stick to. These are some simple rules for bankroll management.

Managing a bankroll for cash games depends on the level of play involved. Generally, it is good to have money equal to 40 buy-ins for that level of play. Should that drop to 25 to 30 or fewer buy-ins, then that is a good time to drop to a lower level until 40 has been reached again. These numbers are, of course, subject to the environment and the gambler involved. Although this method often requires a fair amount of grinding and most won't like to move down a level to do it, it will effectively keep a gambler from needing to deposit additional money.

For Sit 'n' Go, the number of recommended buy-ins is 50. The reason there is a larger deposit here than on cash options is that Sit 'n' Go is that it does not have as much variance as tournaments do, and sometimes a larger bankroll is useful to help absorb the fallout. As usual, it is important to move back down if the amount drops too much and begin the grind back to 40 to 50. For micro players, Sit 'n' Go is a good option, and so having less buy-ins is something that can be gotten away with, as long as there are solid limits in place for when to back down to lower levels.

Multi-table tournaments are the most difficult settings for bankroll management for download poker as the variance is chaotic, and there is little for the micro player to grind up on. So, the recommended amount in a bankroll is the equivalent of 75 games. Because of the incredible variance between tournament games, it can be difficult to set a limit for these tournaments. Always keep in mind that winning money should go towards the next games whenever deposits are below what they started at. Because tournament play is difficult for grinding at lower levels to earn back cash, this is generally not a very good option for those trying to manage their deposits.